Epic Esports Events produces the largest esports events in Eastern Europe and CIS.

Wait, what?

We do EPIC stuff. As in you want to tell your friends about level of epic.

EPICENTER is our first top-tier esports festival. We've done two in 2016 (CS and Dota 2). They each scored highest critical acclaim, won us our first EUBEA award for Best Live Entertainment, and countless others. 

In the past three years, we've hosted more than 25 tournaments in major esports titles such as: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, League of Legends, Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm.


Esports Events hosted since 2013
combined events prize pool
21 000
gamers participated in our events
50 000
people came to our events to experience how EPIC they are
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EPICENTER:MOSCOW Opening ceremony



Yota Arena
Dmitrovskoe highway 27, building 1, Moscow, Russia, 127616
Evgeniy Kalganov
Event Director
Oleh Povar
Sport Director
Efim Kuznetsov
Event Manager
Evgeniy Rumyantsev
3D concept artist
Anastasia Zakirova
Event Manager
Boris Deriabin
Media Manager
Tikov Murat
Public Relations Manager